Born in Iran, Pegah was introduced to the rich artistic culture of her native country, Persia, and the East at an early age. Being fascinated by the motifs and patterns surrounding her, she decided to pursue her passion for art by receiving her bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from Art University of Tehran.

She believes that in every form lies a mystery and a meaning and above all, stand Circle and Square.

Circle, representing movement, time and spirituality, could be thought of as a cycle of human life. From the moment we are born, begins our experiences and adventures, to the moment our eyes are closed for eternity. Every path taken or forced to take, decisions made by choice or destiny, every joyful feeling and heartbreak we felt, forms this cycle.

Inspired by Mandalas, Persian carpets and one of Persia’s finest arts, called Mo-aragh, Pegah has tried to create her art, enriching each piece with a sense of individuality.

She intends to share her passion with others by encouraging them to relate with her art through imagination of their own cycle of life.